Hospital/Clinical Access Working Group


RA21 Hospital/Clinical Access Working Group

Co-Chairs: Don Hamparian (OCLC),  Michelle Volesko Brewer (Wolters Kluwer), Catherine Dixon (Wolters Kluwer)


Hospitals/ healthcare systems use specialized technologies, have unique privacy considerations within clinical systems like the EHR/EMR, as well as compliance regulations (HIPAA for example) and other authentication environments that may differ substantially from academic and corporate environments.


RA21 Hospital Access Working Group’s primary objectives are to survey, identify and define the use cases/problems for accessing licensed resources from within a hospital/healthcare system that are involved with RA21 adoption and are related to RA21’s authentication use cases. Regardless of the type of user (student, intern, resident, other clinician), our focus is the access to electronic hospital library online resources (databases, books, journals, multi-media).

The reported cases/problems may be barriers or success use cases/statements. The objective also includes understanding the unique technology context of a hospital where RA21 would be used. The final report will include three parts:

  1. The problem statements/use cases in a hospital/system for RA21.
  2. An explanation of the unique terminology and technology context of a hospital where RA21 would be deployed.
  3. Next actions.


RA21 Hospital Access Working Group is a subcommittee of the STM RA21 Outreach Committee. It is a working group that started in July 2018 and will complete its work by the end of February 2019. This activity will therefore run in parallel with the academic / corporate work but is expected to inform a future update of the NISO recommended practice guidelines, rather than be included with the current process.


It is anticipated the Working Group will have a final report of problem statements/use cases for RA21 in June 2019.

Update: The “Final Report & Recommendations: Resource Access in the 21st Century, RA21 Hospital Clinical Access Working Group” is now available via the Results Page.

How can Hospital Librarians be involved?

Please contact Julia Wallace at  We plan to survey hospital librarians focusing on North America; however, English-language survey participation will be sought for  Europe, Asia-Pacific and Central and South America. We also plan to host focus groups. If you are interested in disseminating the survey or being involved in focus groups, please email Julia before 31 October 2018 for Focus Group participation, and before 16 March 2019 for survey participation.