How to Participate

Please note: with the project reaching the end of the pilot phase, the pilots are closed to new participants.

Who participated?

Libraries, publishers, campus identity management groups, all are welcome to participate.

Publishers, vendors, or any other solution provider

RA21 also invited any other participant into the project that was eager to make a useful contribution to the pilot program and to the project.

Terms of Participation

Interested parties are encouraged to read the Terms of Participation for RA21. As a community-based development effort, we seek to make the outcomes of this project freely and publicly available. Participants will be required to agree to the terms of participation for the project.

More about the RA21 pilot program

The RA21 project invited a broad variety of stakeholders in scholarly communications to participate.  We ran several pilots in parallel with the aim of testing different solutions, in different environments, to exercise different use cases.

Pilots were run along the principles of self-organization and self-funding and required a certain level of technical capability and in-kind contribution by dedicated staff. During and after conclusion of a pilot, the results will be shared among all participants and are intended to be used to develop best practices which will be made publicly available.